The ActivityDiagrams C++ library is used by the Extractor to build, represent, and manipulate activity diagrams.


The sources of the ActivityDiagrams library are shipped with the Extractor available on the Inria forge.

Here is the direct link to the git repository (anonymous read-only access):


The requirements to build the library are:

  • g++, the GCC compiler for C++, in a version supporting C++11
  • the Boost Graph library, version 1.48 at least

The library is packaged with the autotools (inside the Extractor, itself packaged with it). If you download an Extractor tarball, the build process is as simple as:
./configure make make install If you compile the Extractor, the library is compiled automatically, but you can compile it separately by issueing the above commands in the library folder. If you have cloned via git the repository, you need the GNU autotools to build the Extractor and the ActivityDiagrams library shipped with it.

API documentation

The source code of the ActivityDiagrams library is documented with Doxygen and the documentation is available here. It's not clear how it can be useful outside of Kayrebt, but it's independant from it and under the GPL3 license if needs be.