Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project about?

This is the software developped by Laurent Georget during its PhD (in-progress as of 2016) about the formal verification of information flow monitors developped on top of the Linux Security Modules framework. We use the graphs extracted during the compilation of the linux kernel by Kayrebt::Extractor as a model of the kernel code, in order to represent the execution paths and run analysis on them.

What are the licenses that apply to your software?

The central part of the project is a plugin for GCC so it's under Gnu Public License v3 or higher. The rest is distributed at the convenience of everyone under the GPL v2 or higher (note the version number). In fact, the CIDRE research team is not the rightful owner of the software; the university of Rennes 1 is.

Where does the name Kayrebt come from?

Laurent has an azerty keyboard and sometimes types a little too fast. ``Kayrebt'' is ``Laurent'' typed with the right-hand shifted one key to the left on an azerty keyboard. Also, Laurent dislikes acronyms and thinks they are far too prominent in French in general, in the academic world, and in the computer science field in particular.

What do all those double colons ``::'' mean?

Laurent is quite fond of C++, especially version 11 and higher, and thought it would be a good idea to name and organize the pieces of the project a bit like C++ namespaces.